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Journal of Advanced Engineering and Computation (JAEC) is a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, developments, and research projects in the area of advanced engineering and computation. It serves to facilitate the exchange of information between researchers and industry professionals. Multi-disciplinary topics that connect the core areas of advanced engineering and computation and its applications are also covered in this journal.

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Research Open Access
Thanh-Phong Dao , Ngoc-Thai Huynh , Tuan-Hai Nguyen , Hoang-Nghien Vu , Le-Quang-Nhat Hoang , Ho Nguyen , Tuan-Hai Nguyen
Page(s): 1-8 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)

Friction and clearance always present in any mechanical system. Hence, the effects of friction and clearance on a dynamic system are so critical. This paper aims to investigate their effects on the dynamic response of a slider-crank mechanism with two sliders and imperfect joints. Firstly, the mechanism is created in Solidworks and then it is simulated via finite element method in ANSYS. The dynamic simulation are conducted to evaluate the mentioned effects. The results revealed that the effect degree of clearance on the dynamic behaviors of the proposed mechanisms is significantly higher than that of friction. Also, the results indicated that the velocities, acceleration, and contact force graph are almost same at different friction coefficient. However, compared with ideal joint case, they had a maximum value and an unstable oscillation. This problem is due to journal collide into bearing induced the maximum values of contact force. The results of this study are a helpful guidance to practitioners, scientists, and engineers.

Research Open Access
Abdelaziz Lakehal , Ahmed Ramdane , Fouad Tachi
Page(s): 9-17 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)
Nowadays, new information technologies produce new methodological approaches attempting to extract not just valid and reliable information, but more generally a particular technical and professional expertise to support the decision making. A Bayesian network was developed for fault assessment of an electrical motor. By inference, this model made it possible to calculate the probability of rotor fault of the induction motor, while defining the weakest branch in the structure of the Bayesian network that leads to failure by determining the probabilities of intermediate events. The most likely faults were then defined and the information system consolidated, as well as the decision-making process. The article ends with an application that shows the methodology developed and gives some results illustrated by figures.
Research Open Access
Miroslav Voznak , Hoang Quang Minh Tran , N. Tan Nguyen
Page(s): 18-29 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)

In recent years, harvesting energy from radio frequency (RF) signals has drawn significant research interest as a promising solution to solve the energy problem. In this paper, we analyze the effect of the interference noise on the wireless energy harvesting performance of a decode-and-forward (DF) relaying network. In this analysis, the energy and information are transferred from the source to the relay nodes in the delay-limited transmission and Delay-tolerant transmission modes by two methods: i) time switching protocol and ii) power splitting protocol. Firstly, due to the constraint of the wireless energy harvesting at the relay node, the analytical mathematical expressions of the achievable throughput, outage probability and ergodic capacity of both schemes were proposed and demonstrated. After that, the effect of various system parameters on the system performance is rigorously studied with closed-form expressions for system throughput, outage probability, and ergodic capacity. Finally, the analytical results are also demonstrated by Monte-Carlo simulation. The results show that the analytical mathematical and simulated results agree with each other.

Research Open Access
Ikuobase Emovon , Modestus Okechukwu Okwu
Page(s): 30-43 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)

Risk assessment is a vital element of most maintenance system, this is because safeguarding of equipment item requires maintenance strategies which usually depend on the degree of risk of the equipment item. In this paper two risk assessment tools; Risk Priority Number (RPN) based approach and Risk Matrix (RM) based approach, are presented for categorisation of risk of failure modes of marine diesel engine. The techniques are used to categorise failure modes into three risk levels; low, medium and high in turn and based on the risk level, maintenance strategy are assigned to each failure modes. Furthermore, the two techniques are compared and the result of the analysis revealed that, the extent of Risk matrix method similarity to the RPN approach depends on the benchmark for setting the risk level limit in the RPN method.   

Research Open Access
Phuong Minh Tran , Nhan Thanh Nguyen
Page(s): 44-54 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)
In [15], the authors propose an accurate method, namely the correction method, for computing hydrodynamic interaction between very closed spherical particles in a Stokes fluid. The accuracy of this method depends on two truncation parameters for approximating the Neumann to Dirichlet matrix and the velocity correction respectively. In this paper, we establish a numerical determination to estimate these parameters. We perform some numerical experiments to present our method.
Research Open Access
Hoang Quang Minh Tran , Huu Khanh Nhan Nguyen , Hsiao-Yi Lee
Page(s): 55-61 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)

In this paper, by mixing the red-emitting α-SrO·3B2O3:Sm2+ conversion phosphor to yellow-emitting YAG:Ce phosphor compound, an innovative recommendation for increasing optical performance of white LEDs (WLEDs) with remote packaging, which has an average correlated color temperature (CCT) of 700K and 8500K, is proposed and demonstrated. By varying α-SrO·3B2O3:Sm2+ concentration from 2% to 24 %, the obtained results indicated that color uniformity, color rendering index (CRI), color quality scale (CQS), and luminous flux could be improved significantly. The results demonstrated a prospective recommendation for manufacturing remote packaging phosphor WLEDs.

Research Open Access
Van Van Huynh , Hoang-Duy Vo , Bui Le Ngoc Minh , Tam Minh Nguyen , Yao Wen Tai
Page(s): 62-77 in Vol 2, Iss 1 (2018)
Most of existing results for load frequency control is achieved under assumption that all sate variables of interconnected power system are available. However, in many interconnected power systems, the state variables are not accessible for direct measurement or the number of measuring devices is limited. In this paper, we propose an observer output-feedback load frequency control for interconnected power system, which the above limitation has been solved. The stability of both the observer error system and closed-loop control system is proven via the Lyapunov direct method. The proposed controller design is dependent on only the observer output. Therefore, the conservatism is reduced and the robustness is enhanced. It also both save computing time and make the control method simpler. Simulation results show that the proposed observer output-feedback load frequency controller results in shortening the frequency’s transient response,  maintaining required control quality in the wider operating range, and being more robust to uncertainties as compared to some existing control methods. 
Research Open Access (646 views since : Nov 30, 2017)
Thao Nguyen-Trang , Long Vu-Hoang , Trieu Nguyen-Thi , Ha Che-Ngoc
Page(s): 123-133 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)
Tax consulting service is one of various professional consulting services and is interested to study by many researchers. Nevertheless, this issue has not been interested to research in Vietnam. This paper performs confirmatory factors analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM) to identify the factors influencing the intentions of using tax consulting services of firms in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Specifically, this paper finds that the intentions depend on the “attitude toward the behavior” and “replacement”. In addition, through Chi-square test, it can be proven that the intentions also depend on type of firms and whether they have ever used tax consulting service or not. Based on the obtained results, the discussion and recommendation are also proposed.
Research Open Access (443 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Jaroslav Pokorny
Page(s): 04-17 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
Comparing graph databases with traditional,e.g., relational databases, some important database features are often missing there. Particularly, a graph database schema including integrity constraints is mostly not explicitly defined, also a conceptual modelling is not used. It is hard to check a consistency of the graph database, because almost no integrity constraints are defined or only their very simple representatives can be specified. In the paper, we discuss these issues and present current possibilities and challenges in graph database modelling. We focus also on integrity constraints modelling and propose functional dependencies between entity types, which reminds modelling functional dependencies known from relational databases. We show a number of examples of often cited GDBMSs and their approach to database schemas and ICs specification. Also a conceptual level of a graph database design is considered. We propose a sufficient conceptual model based on a binary variant of the ER model and show its relationship to a graph database model, i.e. a mapping conceptual schemas to database schemas. An alternative based on the conceptual functions called attributes is presented.
Research Open Access (426 views since : Nov 30, 2017)
Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen , Doan Quoc Anh Nguyen , Miroslav Voznak , Van Tho Le
Page(s): 87-94 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)

Enhancement of the color uniformity, the lumen output of the multi-chip white LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) at high color correlated temperature is a big challenge for researchers. However, an innovative LED lamp designed with a phosphor compounding, which combines (La,Ce,Tb) PO4:Ce:Tb (LaTb) green phosphor with YAG: CE yellow phosphor, is proposed as an optimal solution to this requirement. Index, using LaTb green phosphor into MCWLEDs could bring a superior optical performance for MCW-LEDs. It is found that the lumen output of this new MCW-LED at a high color temperature of 8500 K significantly improves up to 1600 lm compared to MCW-LEDs without LaTb phosphor. The simulation results demonstrated that the CCT deviation sharply decreases from 9000 to 1000 at the LaTb concentration range from 0 to 1.8 %, while the Color Rendering Index ability (CRI) and the Color Quality Scale (CQS) slightly decrease. To obtain the highest lumen output and the best color uniformity, the particle size range within 6 - 8 µm should be suggested.

Research Open Access (396 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Dung Quang Nguyen
Page(s): 39-47 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
Fractional-order controllers are recognized to guarantee better closed-loop performance and robustness than conventional integer-order controllers. However, fractional-order transfer functions make time, frequency domain analysis and simulation significantly difficult. In practice, the popular way to overcome these difficulties is linearization of the fractional-order system. Here, a systematic approach is proposed for linearizing the transfer function of fractional-order systems. This approach is based on the real interpolation method (RIM) to approximate fractional-order transfer function (FOTF) by rational-order transfer function. The proposed method is implemented and compared to CFE high-frequency method; Carlson’s method; Matsuda’s method; Chare ’s method; Oustaloup’s method; least-squares, frequency interpolation method (FIM). The results of comparison show that, the method is simple, computationally efficient, flexible, and more accurate in time domain than the above considered methods.
Research Open Access (392 views since : May 8, 2017)
Tuan Le Anh
Page(s): 18-28 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
This paper presents an extended Kalman filtering (EKF) algorithm for estimating immeasurable state variables of a vehicle stability control system. Initially, the steering angle and vertical forces on the tires were considered inputs of the estimator. The measured process outputs were the sensor signals egarding longitudinal and lateral accelerations, steering angle, yaw rate, and wheel speed. Subsequently, by using Euler discretization for a seven-degree-of-freedom nonlinear vehicle model, difficult-to-measure state variables such as lateral velocity, vehicle side-slip angle, and lateral tire forces were identified separately by using the EKF algorithm. The estimation results of the proposed control system evidenced high performance.
Research Open Access (378 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Thien Bao Tat Nguyen
Page(s): 80-86 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
In this paper, we have discussed the synchronization between coupled Josephson Junctions which experience different chaotic oscillations. Due to potential high-frequency applications, the shunted nonlinear resistive-capacitive-inductance junction (RCLSJ) model of Josephson junction was considered in this paper. In order to obtain the synchronization, an adaptive MIMO controller is developed to drive the states of the slave chaotic junction to follow the states of the master chaotic junction. The developed controller has two parts: the fuzzy neural controller and the sliding mode controller. The fuzzy neural controller employs a fuzzy neural network to simulate the behavior of the ideal feedback linearization controller, while the sliding mode controller is used to ensure the robustness of the controlled system and reduce the undesired effects of the estimate errors. In addition, the Lyapunov candidate function is also given for further stability analysis. The numerical simulations are carried out to verify the validity of the proposed control approach.