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Research Open Access
Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen , Doan Quoc Anh Nguyen , Miroslav Voznak , Van Tho Le
Page(s): 87-94 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)

Enhancement of the color uniformity, the lumen output of the multi-chip white LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) at high color correlated temperature is a big challenge for researchers. However, an innovative LED lamp designed with a phosphor compounding, which combines (La,Ce,Tb) PO4:Ce:Tb (LaTb) green phosphor with YAG: CE yellow phosphor, is proposed as an optimal solution to this requirement. Index, using LaTb green phosphor into MCWLEDs could bring a superior optical performance for MCW-LEDs. It is found that the lumen output of this new MCW-LED at a high color temperature of 8500 K significantly improves up to 1600 lm compared to MCW-LEDs without LaTb phosphor. The simulation results demonstrated that the CCT deviation sharply decreases from 9000 to 1000 at the LaTb concentration range from 0 to 1.8 %, while the Color Rendering Index ability (CRI) and the Color Quality Scale (CQS) slightly decrease. To obtain the highest lumen output and the best color uniformity, the particle size range within 6 - 8 µm should be suggested.

Research Open Access
Quoc Bao Diep
Page(s): 95-105 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)
This paper presents a pipe cutting Robot system with two different cutting methods: the method with the end-effector moves on cutting path and direction while the stationary pipe and the method with the end-effector moves on a straight line while the rotating pipe to create the desired cutting path and direction. The cutting trajectory are described, the Robot model is constructed, solving the inverse kinematics, planning the trajectory of motion, simulating and controlling Robot in Matlab, and designing the experimental Robot to verify. The results of the two methods are compared to point out a better one. This research builds up an important foundation for choosing an effective method for pipe cutting Robot in industry.
Research Open Access
Chinedum Ogonna Mgbemena , ThankGod Enatimi Boye , Ikuobase Emovon
Page(s): 106-113 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)

This paper is on the prediction of stress limits and strain distributions of an automobile tire sidewall developed from Natural Rubber (NR)/Tea Seed Oil (TSO) modified kaolin composites. The stress-strain data report of NR/TSO modified kaolin at filler loading of 10phr was used to establish parameters characterizing the elastic behavior of the rubber vulcanizates. The tire model investigated was developed from MATLAB PDE Toolbox. The study was developed on maximum inflation pressure of 0.220632 MPa. The 2D Finite Element (FE) model computations for static loading of the tire sidewall gave a reasonable prediction of the stress limits and strain distributions, as the shear stresses obtained were within the range of −10 MPa to 10 MPa. The strain energy distributions were found to be within the range of −1500 J·m−3 to 1500 J·m−3. The stress limits for the first principal stress with respect to their magnitudes and orientations was obtained as 10 MPa for tensile stress and −20 MPa for compressive stress respectively while the stress limits for the second principal stress was obtained as 20 MPa for tensile stress and −10 MPa for compressive stress. The plane stress analysis with MATLAB PDE Toolbox gave stress limits distribution in terms of von-Mises stresses in the range 5 MPa - 25 MPa. The results indicate that NR/TSO modified kaolin composites can be employed in automobile tire sidewall applications.

Research Open Access
Hoang Quang Minh Tran , Anh Vu Le
Page(s): 114-122 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)

A fusion method is proposed to keep a correct number of humans from all humans detected by the robot operating system based perception sensor network (PSN) which includes multiple partially overlapped field of view (FOV) Kinects. To this end, the fusion rules are based on the parallel and orthogonal configurations of Kinects in PSN system. For the parallel configuration, the system will decide whether the detected humans staying in FOV of single Kinect or in overlapped FOV of multiple Kinects by evaluating the angles formed between their locations and Kinect original point on top view (x, z plane) of 3D coordination. Then, basing on the angles, the PSN system will keep the person stay in only one FOV or keep the one with biggest ROI if they stay in overlapped FOV of Kinects. In the case of Kinects with orthogonal configuration, 3D Euclidian distances between detected humans are used to determine the group of humans supported to be same human but detected by different Kinects. Then the system, keep the human with a bigger region of interest (ROI) among this group. The experimental results demonstrate the outperforming of the proposed method in various scenarios.

Research Open Access
Thao Nguyen-Trang , Long Vu-Hoang , Trieu Nguyen-Thi , Ha Che-Ngoc
Page(s): 123-133 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)
Tax consulting service is one of various professional consulting services and is interested to study by many researchers. Nevertheless, this issue has not been interested to research in Vietnam. This paper performs confirmatory factors analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM) to identify the factors influencing the intentions of using tax consulting services of firms in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Specifically, this paper finds that the intentions depend on the “attitude toward the behavior” and “replacement”. In addition, through Chi-square test, it can be proven that the intentions also depend on type of firms and whether they have ever used tax consulting service or not. Based on the obtained results, the discussion and recommendation are also proposed.
Research Open Access
Nguyen Anh Dao
Page(s): 134-143 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)
We prove a local existence of weak solutions of semilinear parabolic equations with a strong singular absorption and a  source. Moreover, we consider the qualitative behavior of solutions. We show that any solution exists globally and vanishes after a finite time if either the initial data or the source term is small enough. On the other hand, we point out some criteria such that solutions are explosive in a finite time.
Research Open Access
Ivan Chernogorov , Victor Polyakh , Orkhan Yarakhmedov
Page(s): 144-152 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)

The paper studies the search optimization task of multi-extremal objects, which are more complicated than mono-extremal. Paper postulates that to find extreme suitable values on complex test function the heuristic algorithm is one way. Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm and devised approach applied to this task are considered. Conducted research established common test environment to compare multi-extremal test functions. Specific characteristics for problem solving of detection and identification of global and local extreme are included. Additional clustering mechanism are described. Obtained measurements and computing times of Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm on a range of multi-extremal test functions are illustrated.

Research Open Access
Filip Zatloukal , Jiri Znoj
Page(s): 153-161 in Vol 1, Iss 2 (2017)
This paper follows our previous research in which we made a basic experiment to find out if it is possible to detect malware by multiple PE header detection. The previous results show us that there is a considerable amount of malwares that connect themselves to another file. This paper summarizes our previous results, updates the results and also expands them by adding an optimization method and also by including the scan of another (specific) types of data.
Research Open Access (154 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Jaroslav Pokorny
Page(s): 04-17 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
Comparing graph databases with traditional,e.g., relational databases, some important database features are often missing there. Particularly, a graph database schema including integrity constraints is mostly not explicitly defined, also a conceptual modelling is not used. It is hard to check a consistency of the graph database, because almost no integrity constraints are defined or only their very simple representatives can be specified. In the paper, we discuss these issues and present current possibilities and challenges in graph database modelling. We focus also on integrity constraints modelling and propose functional dependencies between entity types, which reminds modelling functional dependencies known from relational databases. We show a number of examples of often cited GDBMSs and their approach to database schemas and ICs specification. Also a conceptual level of a graph database design is considered. We propose a sufficient conceptual model based on a binary variant of the ER model and show its relationship to a graph database model, i.e. a mapping conceptual schemas to database schemas. An alternative based on the conceptual functions called attributes is presented.
Research Open Access (124 views since : May 8, 2017)
Tuan Le Anh
Page(s): 18-28 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
This paper presents an extended Kalman filtering (EKF) algorithm for estimating immeasurable state variables of a vehicle stability control system. Initially, the steering angle and vertical forces on the tires were considered inputs of the estimator. The measured process outputs were the sensor signals egarding longitudinal and lateral accelerations, steering angle, yaw rate, and wheel speed. Subsequently, by using Euler discretization for a seven-degree-of-freedom nonlinear vehicle model, difficult-to-measure state variables such as lateral velocity, vehicle side-slip angle, and lateral tire forces were identified separately by using the EKF algorithm. The estimation results of the proposed control system evidenced high performance.
Research Open Access (120 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Thien Bao Tat Nguyen
Page(s): 80-86 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
In this paper, we have discussed the synchronization between coupled Josephson Junctions which experience different chaotic oscillations. Due to potential high-frequency applications, the shunted nonlinear resistive-capacitive-inductance junction (RCLSJ) model of Josephson junction was considered in this paper. In order to obtain the synchronization, an adaptive MIMO controller is developed to drive the states of the slave chaotic junction to follow the states of the master chaotic junction. The developed controller has two parts: the fuzzy neural controller and the sliding mode controller. The fuzzy neural controller employs a fuzzy neural network to simulate the behavior of the ideal feedback linearization controller, while the sliding mode controller is used to ensure the robustness of the controlled system and reduce the undesired effects of the estimate errors. In addition, the Lyapunov candidate function is also given for further stability analysis. The numerical simulations are carried out to verify the validity of the proposed control approach.
Research Open Access (109 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Dung Quang Nguyen
Page(s): 39-47 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
Fractional-order controllers are recognized to guarantee better closed-loop performance and robustness than conventional integer-order controllers. However, fractional-order transfer functions make time, frequency domain analysis and simulation significantly difficult. In practice, the popular way to overcome these difficulties is linearization of the fractional-order system. Here, a systematic approach is proposed for linearizing the transfer function of fractional-order systems. This approach is based on the real interpolation method (RIM) to approximate fractional-order transfer function (FOTF) by rational-order transfer function. The proposed method is implemented and compared to CFE high-frequency method; Carlson’s method; Matsuda’s method; Chare ’s method; Oustaloup’s method; least-squares, frequency interpolation method (FIM). The results of comparison show that, the method is simple, computationally efficient, flexible, and more accurate in time domain than the above considered methods.
Research Open Access (103 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Lukas Macura , Miroslav Voznak
Page(s): 29-38 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
Today, network technologies can handle throughputs up to 100Gbps, transporting 200 million packets per second on a single link. Such high bandwidths impact network flow analysis and as a result require significantly more powerful hardware. Methods used today concentrate mainly on analyzes of data flows and patterns. It is nearly impossible to actively look for anomalies in network packets and flows for a small amount of change of monitoring patterns could result in big increases in potentially false positive incidents. This paper focuses on multi-criteria analyzes of systems generated data in order to predict incidents. We prove that systems generated monitoring data are an appropriate source to analyze and enable for much more focused and less computationally intensive monitoring operations. By using appropriate mathematical methods to analyze stored data it is possible to obtain useful information. During our work, some interesting anomalies in networks were found by utilizing simple data correlations using monitoring system Zabbix. We concluded that it is possible to declare that deeper analysis is possible due to Zabbix monitoring system and its features like Open-Source core, documented API and SQL backend for data. The result of this work is a new approach to the analysis containing algorithms which allow to identify significant items in monitoring system.
Research Open Access (87 views since : Jun 8, 2017)
Phuong Minh Tran , Nhan Thanh Nguyen
Page(s): 61-67 in Vol 1, Iss 1 (2017)
We study the long time behavior of the bounded solutions of non homogeneous gradient-like system which admits a strict Lyapunov function. More precisely, we show that any bounded solution of the gradient-like system converges to an accumulation point as time goes to infinity under some mild hypotheses. As in homogeneous case, the key assumptions for this system are also the angle condition and the Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz inequality. The convergence result will be proved under a L1 -condition of the perturbation term. Moreover, if the Lyapunov function satisfies a Lojasiewicz inequality then the rate of convergence will be even obtained.